Janette Howe

Saturday, June 9th
at Hillcrest Country Club

What is it?

Magnificat is a ministry to Catholic women. Its purpose is to help Catholic women to open more to the Holy Spirit through a deeper commitment of their lives to Jesus as Lord and to impart the Holy Spirit to one another by their, love, service and sharing the good news of salvation. It thus provides opportunities for Catholic evangelization while foster a desire to grow in holiness.

When did it start?

It started as a prayer meal for 200 Catholic women on October 7,1981 in New Orleans after women observed a need to have a faith sharing experience in a relaxed social setting. Since this first prayer meal, Magnificat has become an International Ministry spreading across the world with chapters currently located in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Malta, Poland and Africa. There are over 100 Magnificat chapters in the world.

What does the name mean?

“my soul magnifies the Lord”. The words of the Magnificat recorded in Luke 1:46 are the beginning of Mary’s response to Elizabeth’s joyful greeting. The entire scene of the Visitation is the inspiration for this ministry, which adopts the name of Mary’s hymn of praise and the spirit of the Biblical encounter as its own. Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth, this woman to woman ministry within the Catholic Church attempts to generate a lively faith in God and His action in our lives along with a love for Mary and the Church.

How does it minister?

The Magnificat prayer meal is the essential function of the Ministry. This is a two to three hour gathering that takes place three to four times a year providing an opportunity for:


A shared meal- breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Fellowship- an opportunity to enjoy one another in an atmosphere of God’ presences and love.


Praise and worship- a period of time in communal praise and worship which centers those present to focus on our Lord in openness to the Charismatic gifts.


Personal testimony- One woman’s personal expression of god’s action in her life, her “Magnificat”! this is the highlight of the Prayer Meal, and in fact the reason women come and gather! (The testimony could also be from a Priest)


Intercessory prayer- a time of prayer for the needs of the Church and those present.

Providing other opportunities for spiritual growth- such as retreats, Life in the Spirit, Healing Workshops, days of reflection and more!

What are Magnificat's Objectives?

  1. Live out the joyful mystery of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth.

  2. Help catholic women to open their lives to the Holy Spirit through a deeper commitment of the lives to Jesus as Lord and to impart the Holy Spirit to one another by their love, service and sharing the good news of salvation.

  3. Provide opportunities which foster growth in holiness.

  4. Sponsor the MAGNIFICAT MEAL for times per year, which is essential function of the MAGNIFICAT.  The MEAL includes ah Catholic Speaker who shares her inspiring personal testimony, praise and worship, fellowship, intercessory prayer, a short message, from the priest /advisor plus a meal together.

  5. Invite Mary through spiritual adoption of priests and seminarians in prayer.


Magnificat encourages holiness

  • Daily personal prayer
  • Knowing the love of God, the Father
  • Commitment to Jesus the Lord
  • Experiencing the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and openness to His gifts
  • Frequent participation on the Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Study and daily reading of the Holy Scriptures
  • Love for and loyalty to the Catholic church, as expressed through her  teaching authority, the Pope and Bishops in communion with him
  •  Serving the needs of the Church and the world
  •  Love and devotion to Mary, mother and model
  •  Appreciation of the vocation of Christian women
  •  Reverence for the sanctity of life
  •  Fostering the works of intercessory prayer
  •  Promoting unity

Who can become a member?

Membership is of a Spiritual nature conferred for life, and open to all women who strive to incorporate in their lives the purpose and objectives of Magnificat and its members.

Are there dues?

No there are no dues. We depend upon free will donations to subsidize our activities. The reservation fee will cover the cost of the Prayer Meal and advance registration for the Magnificat prayer Meal is required.

Benefits of membership

Member share the joy of serving the Church by ministering to their sisters through prayer, fellowship and loving service. Members share in the prayers of all the members. They are provided opportunities to meet with other women who have the same spiritual values. They encourage each other in